Test Instrument for Cable Breaks and Contact Loose



The device helps to track cable breaks in electrical wires and slack joints in electrical connectors and switches. In application it is similar to an ordinary contact tester. In function there are some important differences:

In difference to an ordinary contact tester, also very short raising ups of the electrical resistance, how they are usual for cable breaks and slack joints, will be detected reliable. They will be signalized optical and acoustical.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage typ. 9V DC (7...10V) Battery or accumulator, type 6LR61
Supply Current 4...18mA  
Measure Voltage Typ. 5.0V DC (4.5 ... 5.5V) At opened connection
Measure Current typ. 10mA DC (9.5...10.5mA) Output voltage below measure voltage
Trigger Level >25Ω / <20Ω (typ.) Break / contact
Operation Temperature 5 40C  
Storage Temperature -15 55C  

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The following free downloads are available:

Manual german Kabelbruchtester_Manual_de.pdf 190kByte
Manual english Cablebreaktester_Manual_en.pdf 187kByte